(6/2/16) – ARMED managing director, Stan Maclin, speaks to the crowd protesters at Court Square in Harrisonburg, VA. Maclin denounces the use of the Hitler emoji in an email sent by Ray Ergenbright, a Harrisonburg Commissioner of the Revenue employee, from his work email account.(Nikki Fox / DN-R)


(6/2/16) – (Harrisonburg) ARMED founding/managing director, Rev. Frank Jackson, an author and Chicago civil rights leader, addresses the gathering on Court Square Thursday morning while protesting the use of a Hitler emoji in Ray Ergenbright, a Harrisonburg Commissioner of the Revenue employee, work email account.(Nikki Fox / DN-R)


Crowd gathers as ARMED director Rev. Frank Jackson takes the microphone to speak to them, outside the Minnesota Governor’s in protest of the police involved fatal shooting of Philando Castile in July 8, 2016.


ARMED director Evan Ajin, motivates the crowd to believe in the power within them, to bring about a change for the greater good.


The crowd of protesters cheered at press conference, as ARMED founding director, Rev. Mike Donovan, charges city employee Ray Ergenbright with hate crime, and calls for Commissioner of the Revenue, Karen Rose to fire Ergenbright.


Leaders of ARMED hold a press conference in an attempt to bring a calm to the feud between NEXUS Services and The offices of the city and county Commissioners of the Revenue in Harrisonburg, VA and Augusta County. ARMED Managing Director, King Salim Khalfani, explains the details of the restorative offer. NEXUS accepted the offer of peace. ARMED is waiting to hear from the other side.