Statement of Purpose

Americans Resisting Minority & Ethnic Discrimination (ARMED)

Mission Statement

ARMED is a multipurpose organization, with accelerated emphasis on injustices perpetrated against Americans by Americans. Police involved shootings of black and brown individuals, have reached epidemic proportions in the United States, and several other parts of the world. In most cases, officers who shoot and maim, or kill common civilians, are placed on paid administrative leave while an alleged investigation takes place. ARMED endeavors to help hold these officers accountable for their actions, by providing moral and emotional support, and free legal representation for the victims of police wrongful conduct, and their families.

Whether these injustices are high profile acts of bullying, transgressions of hate and discrimination, senseless cases of police abuse and brutality, or unjustified and unexplainable killings of civilians, we provide access to justice for individuals, where normally justice for them and for their families, did not exist. 

Furthermore, we are particularly interested in, and concerned about the unreasonable incarceration of undocumented immigrants in the United States. ARMED is also in opposition to the counterintuitive and pointless holding of low-risk detainees in our local jails, many of whom are there simply because they cannot afford bail, which is often as low as $50.00 out of pocket. ARMED focuses on ending jail overcrowding with our charitable bail program.

We believe it is fundamentally wrong for people to spend extended periods in our local jails, simply because they cannot afford to pay bail, while others are free to go and come at will. ARMED believes that a greater purpose is served, when these men and women are released and reunited with their families while waiting to go to trial. ARMED has access to the community specialists, attorneys and financial resources necessary, to make that happen over and over again.

Deep down inside, we are driven by a mission to serve our local communities. ARMED believes that some problems can only be fixed at the root of the issue. We have some of the best, and most experienced lobbyists in the U.S.  And, if it means going before our legislators to make our point, we are prepared to do that.

What’s more, ARMED is deeply committed to aiding and providing assistance wherever major catastrophes take place throughout North, South and Central America.